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Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout: Detailed Routine + Guide to Getting Ripped

Do this for 3 sets, with 12 to 15 reps per set.

Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout And Diet

If this is your first time doing this, I suggest trying out a pull-up machine that assists you by pushing you up—thereby decreasing your overall weight.

Brad Pitt Abs

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Brad Pitt Abs

Hammer Curls Moving on to the next movement, hammer curls are an excellent exercise for your biceps and forearms.

Brad Pitt Abs

Working out the chest is one of the most enjoyable muscles to exercise, aside from the bicep and the shoulders.

Get The Brad Pitt 'Fight Club' Rig With This Workout & Diet

Anything under 10 percent body fat can be a problem to maintain, and only a few out of a thousand people can healthily stay within that shape without starving themselves.

Brad Pitt in Fight Club

Front Raises If your lateral muscles help you look wider, your anterior deltoids sell that rounded shoulder aesthetic.

Brad Pitt's Fight Club Workout

Since 1987, Brad Pitt has worked in a number of movies and many of them got so much popularity.

Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout: Detailed Routine + Guide to Getting Ripped

Rather than eating pastries and fruits juices, he preferred to eat oranges, grapefruits and apple to start the day.