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If a divorced person marries again is that considered adultery?

I'd like to get past the legalism.

Is Marrying a Divorced Woman Adultery?

I committed adultery and left my family.

Is marrying a divorced woman or man adultery?

The point: Just because it turns people away does not mean it's not the truth.

Does Matthew 5:32 and 19:9 permit divorces and remarriage?

Is it a sin to do so? Everyone has an excuse mentality of oh we have to return to our first mate to be forgiven….

Is Adultery the Certain End to a Marriage?

Romans 3:23 NASB Everyone sins and many have committed adultery too! All of this sound doctrine is why the disciples told Jesus it would be better to never marry; Paul said it might be better to stay single and not to remarry if you are a widow but just serve the Lord freely and that believers are only to marry other believers who know the marriage is for life.

Why is it written that whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery?

The issue is that we like sin thats our wicked hearts and to be fair we cant change our nature only Christ can do that our old nature must be crucified with Christ.

If you are divorced and remarry, are you living in adultery?

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What if you read the Bible Literally?: If you marry a divorced woman, you're committing adultery!

Liked by By fornication I mean the general idea of sex outside of a marital relationship.