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22 Best Seattle Attractions to Visit in 2021

I got a tour of the GettyImages office, which was sort of neat as I'm a photographer.

10 Places Every Geek Should Visit in Seattle

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10 Things NOT to do in Seattle, Washington • Explorer Sue

Or unique things to do in Washington State, for that matter? Hide Threads Show Only External Links Follow us on Social Media! you're way more than a "6" on a ten point nerd scale, aren't you? Want to hold an AMA? There is also a food court if you find you need to fortify your stamina to continue looking at all the cute stuff, or to keep from buying the many delicious snack items on offer.

Top 10 Geeky Places To Visit In Seattle

Map of the evolution and classification of life? Road trip to the OP The Olympic Peninsula is a perfect place to escape the city, if even just for a short time! Gamma Ray Games 501 E Pine St; and Wayward Coffeehouse 6417 Roosevelt Way NE; specialize in satiating the appetites of fellow geeks with games, tasty bites, and local beer.

The 12 Best Weird Things to Do in Seattle

Designed by Bert Smyser and constructed as the Teapot Restaurant in 1927, the teapot wasn't established as Bob's Java Jive until the 1950s.

The Nerd's Guide to Seattle

For a pick-me-up, stop at for a famously fun drink! You might pick up some fun things about the area: Here is their group page where they posts about nerdy events in the city:• If you want to do one, Or just start one, if you know what to do! If you like pin ball shorties, small and crowded just pinball or Jupiter a bit bigger with a few other arcade games are great for down town.

10 Things NOT to do in Seattle, Washington • Explorer Sue

Books on maps, globes, and geography? Best places for sunset in Seattle:• There is a VR escape-the-room type game you can play here with your friends which sounds quite intriguing.

46 Crazy Fun Things To Do in Seattle

" Web The Gum Wall is probably the most disgusting attraction in all of Washington state.

nerdy things to do in seattle? I've been here before but off the wall (like penny arcade, Nintendo HQ, cafe nervosa from Fraiser) : Seattle

While you can always admire the outside of Bob's, you'll have to come during business hours to enjoy some cheap food, beer, and karaoke fun.

22 Best Seattle Attractions to Visit in 2021

Robust programing the venue boasts one of the largest educational programs in the world includes daily tours, flight simulations and the occasional theatrical reenactment.

10 Places Every Geek Should Visit in Seattle

Seattle has a robust arcade community.

Unusual Places to Visit in Washington State • Explorer Sue

The University of Washington is in of itself a beautiful campus only made more enticing by The Henry Art Gallery.