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Why Do I Have The Smell Of When I Have Not Been Using It, Or Been Around It? I Also Have A Taste Of Mold Or Something Rotten In My Mouth?

This can cause burning when you urinate, testicle swelling, and white, green, or yellow penile discharge.

Swallowing semen: Safety, benefits, and risks

Sperm can have other smells that are much less pleasant though.

Why does semen smell like chlorine? (12 answers)

Drinking lots of caffeine can cause a more bitter and acidic sperm smell, which most people probably don't enjoy.

What Is the Smell of Sperm?

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What Does Semen Smell Like? The Truth

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Semen health: what your semen says about your health

So don't do it On to the actual topic: Why IS it that semen smells like bleach? This can change the way your semen smells.

ELI5: Why does sperm and bleach smell basically the same? : explainlikeimfive

i ejaculated in my lady friend she was wearing panties and she temporarily kept them on until we could get cleaned up i stole the panties but they stunk of ammonia about 2 days later knew it had to be my semen as i had stolen her panties before and sniffed them frequently its kind of my fetish among others and her panties always smelled like "her" except for this time when i ejaculated in her and she wore the panties with my ejaculates we know this is dirty and not safe but it happened and im wondering how the combination of her and i or a mixture of both of us could create the aroma of ammonia Depending on where you live, your town's water supply may use a lot of ammonia or bleach to purify it.

Why did his nut smell like bleach?

The quality and quantity of your ejaculation will also affect its smell.

Semen Smell: Why It’s Fishy, Like Chlorine or Rotten Eggs, and Mo

The smell of semen should not be pungent.

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Widely acknowledged by the medical community as harmful to the natural balance of vaginal flora, this common tool that cleans the vagina might actually instead.