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10 Painless Ways to Die


Suicide methods

"The accessibility of firearms and risk for suicide and homicide victimization among household members: a systematic review and meta-analysis".

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But don't expect an open casket with those fuckers.

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nothing and all want to be, dead i hate being bullied, i hate the disrespect i get from people,i hate my parents because their arseholes and they dont understand anything, nothing to look up for,im alone,no money,no opportunities to do stuff i wish i could do, i hate the fact that money rules people, i hate my existence, i always feel sad and depressed,no one understands me,i hate the fact they say your life is full freedom but it aint thats a lie,there such thing as law and enforcement,where all ruled but in a democratic manor which atleast better than a dictorshop,i never have say,and i realize how does anything seize to exist in the first place and ive felt like this the most of mt life so only way to counterfeit is the end my life that it i want to fucking kill myself that all i fucking want maybe i would be better off! Continue Reading Below Do you get the point? If whatever afterlife is coming involves justice of some kind, you'll still have to answer for the fact that you ended this life by emotionally devastating all of the people who have helped you up until now, while simultaneously having bailed out on all of the people you were supposed to have helped in your remaining decades of life.

5 common, over

Continue Reading Below You may also point out that your life was your own and it should be a lesser crime to destroy something that belongs to you.

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one of my earliest memories was when i was in grade school.

What's the best method for a painless suicide?

Most times individuals look for a way to die painlessly.

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Suicide by hanging

In short, proper targeting and trigger control that would apply with a real firearm should apply here with a TASER.